Boating Checklist Before Getting Out on the Water Today

boat buyingThe last thing that you want to happen when you are miles off shore is something go wrong and you do not have the ability to get back in or call for help. Your passengers are your top priority each time you take the boat out, whether for fishing, sightseeing, or towing behind a tube. Here is a boating checklist from Boatmo that you need to commit to memory so that you are properly prepared for anything that occurs out on the water.

1. Getting Gas – It doesn’t matter if you know where every marina and fueling station is from New Jersey to Virginia, you can never anticipate when one of the closer service stations is closed or out of fuel, and you are left powerless out on the water. Always take a few extra minutes before leaving the safety of the shore to get gas and make certain you have more than enough for where you plan on going today.

2. Safety Gear – never assume that a passenger on board your boat has the skills to swim without a life jacket. Things can go bad out at sea lightning fast, and if a rogue wave knocks everyone in the water, what happens if a passenger bangs their head on the side of the boat and is knocked out. If they slip under the water, you will never be able to find them in time. Always make certain every passenger on the boat is wearing a life jacket before you pull out to sea. If you are short, borrow one from a boat neighbor until you come back.

3. Keep in Contact – Even before you get in the boat, someone on land must be notified where you plan on going in the event you experience trouble at sea and this person has to tell authorities where to start searching. Be sure that you have a working and charged cell phone, or better yet, a satellite phone that works no matter how far out to sea you may be. These devices can connect you with authorities on shore who can follow the signal and get you the help you need before things go from bad to very bad in the blink of an eye.

This boating checklist will keep you out of harms ways and make certain your time on the water is as enjoyable as possible. It only takes a few minutes to prepare while safely on sure, so start committing these tips to habit.