New Trend: Negotiating a Real Estate Rebate with Your Local Realtor

REbates on REal estateWhen you hear through the grape vine about a great realtor, get a hold of them as soon as possible. If talking about the possibilities and pitfalls of real estate investing all the time, but the importance of a good real estate company is never stated enough. Don’t get me wrong, it is important to make the right decisions about your real estate investments. Making shrewd decisions is only part of the deal.

Having a good real estate broker is the thing that really makes or breaks the deal when you are buying and selling properties. One thing to consider is if you can negotiate a real estate rebate with them, you can buy more of a house with less cash. On a $300,000 house, you could bank $2,500 in rebate money.

Many people work with the same real estate company for years. They get involved in all kinds of real estate investment, from commercial to residential. Sometimes they buy damaged houses to fix, and resell to new homeowners. At other times, they will rent out rooms to medium income families. Still other times, they rent spaces to commercial businesses. For all these purposes, the real estate agent comes in handy. He is absolutely amazing at negotiating the best deals.

He can really find clients who will benefit from the property and show them why it is in their interest to buy or rent. Everyone comes away happy, and you can make even more money if the realtor is willing to give you a small portion of their commission.

Whenever you are looking at new property, it pays to get the opinion of an expert realtor who has been in that industry for years and has built themselves a reputation. No matter how long you are in the business, it is still hard to cultivate a truly objective perspective. Perhaps a house that might look rundown and damaged could still have a lot of potential depending on the area. The trick is to know someone who can spot those kind of possibilities and queue you in before you part with a good deal.

A real estate agent should be more of a business partner than a friend. He should encourage you to find the house of your dreams so that you are not settling for anything. The real estate commission could give you more buying power so that you don’t just jump on the first house that becomes available.